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Ohio State could face Wisconsin or Minnesota in the Big Ten championship game and become the No. Ohio State has played only five games, and everything is in limbo now because of Big Ten rules regarding the season. After Michigan announced Tuesday that it would cancel "The Game," the first two regular-season games between the two teams will be played on Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6.

Ohio State's football season has given them a chance to win their first Big Ten title in school history, but it remains to be seen whether fans will cheer the Buckeyes on in their final regular-season home game.

Enjoy finding your local place to sign your pledge and check out our tips on where to watch safely from below, and enjoy figuring out who to watch.

You sit down, grab a seat, feed the vendors, buy everything and forget about the excited Buckeye football. You could enjoy the game at the Woody Hayes Grill, soak up the OSU spirit at the Sloopy's Diner in the Ohio Union, or cheer a Buckeyes victory from anywhere in Columbus. Get comfortable and you will find a place to stand up and cheer on your favorite team, whether you buy something or not.

You will forget the football match and all the other things except the win or the defeat of your favorite team, and you will forget all that.

Ohio State is offering a group of 10 people a $100 flat fee for a two-day trip to Ohio State University's football game against Michigan State in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, September 2. Visitors can find more information about the game on the visitor reference page on the Buckeyes' official website.

Meet at Ohio State Stadium, where you can watch football with friends, family, friends of friends and other Buckeyes fans. This popular spot, hidden in the woods and not to be forgotten during your visit, offers a wide selection of food and drinks as well as a great view of the football pitch.

The game will mark the 15th time Ohio State, ranked third in the nation, will play against a ranked team for the first time. What follows is a look at Ohio State football's new schedule, which runs until the first home game of the season on Saturday, September 17 against Michigan State.

The Buckeyes were then defeated by Alabama in the College Football National Championship playoff game on Saturday, November 5, 2012. The victory also put the Buckeyes on course for their first national championship since 2009, when they replaced the world No. Oregon went into overtime and clinched the school's sixth national championship. Ohio State's first appearance in the national title race was on November 7, 2009 in Houston, Texas, where Ohio State defeated the University of Houston in a shootout and took home the trophy. This title win, the third in four years, was also the first in school history.

Ohio State has not won a title since Jim Tressel led them to a championship in 2002. The Buckeyes track team is also proud to be the first Buckeye team in a sport to win a national title. Raj Bhavsar is the only other male gymnast to win two national championships, as an Ohio State athlete in 2001 and 2002, and the NCAA championships in 2000 and 2001. In his third season in 2014, Meyer led the Buckies to their second national championship in three years and their third in four years.

More people learned of Sermon's name when he rushed for 193 yards (TD) and caught four passes for 61 yards in a game few prognosticators believed the Buckeyes would win. He was the Big 12 Offensive Freshman of the Year after scoring the first touchdown at Ohio Stadium on a pass from Baker Mayfield in the victory over the Buccaneers.

It was the Buckeyes' first win against a Big 12 opponent since OSU fell behind 35-0 at halftime in the first game of the season against Texas A & M.

There's definitely a chance Penn State can steal this game on the road, but Ohio State is unbeaten at home for a reason. This is the first time in school history that a game has been won 21-0 in the second half of a season, even though Ohio State won 2-6-1 this year. Ohio State became the first Big Ten team to win three of its first four games of the season and the conference championship game in the same season. It was also the Buckeyes' first win over a top-10 opponent since winning their first three games against Michigan State, Indiana and Michigan before beating Michigan in a final.

Most valuable player of the 2018 tournament was Ohio State's Nick Moschetti, who played Division 1 basketball for the Buckeyes for two years before moving to his alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Ohio State began the season ranked fifth in the AP poll this year, but dropped to 23rd after losing to Virginia Tech in their second game this season. The College Football Playoff committee did not goad them, and the Big Ten title game they did not attend was canceled. They were selected as the second-best team behind Notre Dame in the playoff and didn't play.

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