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The Lazy River in Granville is one of the most popular hotels in Columbus, Ohio, and the second largest in Ohio. Here's a look at some of our favorite hotels, restaurants, bars and restaurants in Ohio's capital, Columbus.

Marriott Cleveland Beachwood is located in Beachwood, just 10 miles from Burke Lakefront Airport. The Inn is the second largest hotel in Ohio and one of the most popular hotels in the state. It is an international ambience that combines the best of both worlds: a modern, modern and modern hotel in the style of a large restaurant and bar. This is an inn that is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, as well as locals and tourists alike.

The Comfort Inn offers access to Interstate 75, the Ohio State Highway System and Cleveland International Airport. The inn is located just a few miles from Lucas Oil Stadium and a short drive from Cleveland.

Make sure you sign up and have access to upgraded RV parks, deluxe cabins and all the amenities. Located just 25 miles east of Columbus, it is the first and only luxury RV park in the Columbus area and one of only a few in Ohio.

The 300-seat bingo pavilion is open Friday and Saturday on the Lazy River and is open all year round. Located in the heart of Granville, Ohio, just a few miles east of Columbus, this family-run campsite is one of the largest and most popular RV parks in Ohio. Set on rolling farmland that flows through the Ohio River and borders Ohio, about an hour's drive from three million people, this is a great place to camp, fish, hike, camp and camp in beautiful surroundings.

If you want to visit the area's many attractions, you can also camp at one of the many campsites along the Ohio River, Bebe State Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

If you're looking for a cheaper option than one of the many campsites in Ohio River State Park, check out our camping options in Ohio State Parks. We love the penthouse, but we haven't found one that fits us yet, so look for something more modern and contemporary than the standard hotel rooms.

A 3-star hotel in Cleveland costs an average of $111 per night, and a 4-star hotel in Cleveland costs $0 per night (according to the hotel's website).

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The Middletown, Ohio Community Foundation independently rated this hotel, which is also one of the best hotels in the Columbus area and the second best hotel in Ohio. Located just blocks from the Cleveland Clinic's main campus, the hotel offers easy access to the hospital and its medical facilities. This residential complex offers a variety of amenities including a golf course, tennis courts, golf courses, bowling alley and a fitness center. It is a short drive from downtown Columbus, as well as John Hopkins University Medical Center and Ohio State University.

The Choice Hotel is one of the best hotels in the Columbus area and the second best hotel in Ohio. With its architectural features, streets full of vibrant cultural celebrations and sparkling Great Lake, the Crowne Plaza Cleveland Hotel has something for everyone. Located just a short drive from the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio State University main campus, the Choice Hotel is a great choice for business travelers, tourists and residents alike.

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