Audit stems from Ohio e-school data left out of 2015 ratings

Published 11-22-2018

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Three years after Ohio's former charter schools chief omitted data of poor-performing online charter schools in evaluations of their sponsors, a state audit says it remains unclear what his intent was and how much the superintendent back then knew about the plan.

The audit released this week focuses on a federal grant application affected by the data.

Auditor Dave Yost says his office couldn't determine whether errors in the sponsor evaluations and grant application stemmed from "malicious intent" or poor internal controls at Ohio's Department of Education.

Former charter schools chief David Hansen acknowledged data omissions and resigned in 2015.

He has said he told then-superintendent Richard Ross about his plan. Ross denied knowing in advance.

The Ohio Democratic Party and other charter school critics say further investigation is warranted.

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