Statehouse garage renovation reveals additional problems

Published 02-17-2019

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The chief of the agency overseeing the Ohio Statehouse says a planned renovation of the building's garage may be more extensive than first anticipated.

Laura Battocletti (bah-toh-CLEH'-tee) is executive director of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board. She said at a meeting last week that ceilings and floors on the bottom two floors of the three-level garage are worse off than even a few months ago.

Gongwer news service reports that lawmakers set aside $20 million for the project last year but there's no final cost estimate, especially with the discovery of new problems.

The garage renovation is considered the biggest Statehouse update since a complete renovation in the 1990s.

The project could take two years to complete, with one level shut down at a time.

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