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We're a long way away from plain ol' peppermint candy canes. Candy companies still sell traditional red- and white-striped canes, but now brands are offering new, exciting, and even some disgusting candy cane flavors.

You won't believe the selection of candy canes on the market now. There are canes that taste like various kinds of meat, and gravy-flavored ones to go with it. Candy canes that taste like clams, pickles, and dipping sauces. There are even candy canes flavored like inedible objects - if you've ever wanted to give coal or a crayon a try. Of course, there are also some delicious-sounding canes out there, too. Those are inspired by candy and desserts-not Sriracha and wasabi.

The Daily Meal has scoured the internet to find some truly wild candy cane flavors that will leave your jaw on the floor. Whether you're getting them as a gag gift, a stocking stuffer, or just simply want to try a macaroni and cheese candy cane, everyone will go wild for these crazy candy cane flavors you won't believe exist.



Yes, you can purchase the meaty taste of bacon in candy cane form. It's probably salty, it's probably a little sweet, and it sounds a lot disgusting. But it might make an excellent stocking stuffer for the bacon lovers in your life.

Archie McPhee


One of America's favorite desserts is now a candy cane. And unlike the real thing, this Cinnabon candy cane is not appetizing to the eye in any way. The yellow and brown do not mix well together. But if it tastes anything like the dessert, then we'll give it a try.

Candy Crate


Seattle's Archie McPhee is responsible for the monstrosity that is "Clamdy Canes." These candy canes are flavored like clam and, according to a Daily Meal editor who tried them, smell like salty ocean water and taste like a dead fish.

Archie McPhee


They're flavored like "smoke and cinnamon," so hopefully whatever enemy you're giving this to won't feel too upset about receiving coal this year. Since they're soot-colored, we've got to wonder if they leave your tongue black. They must, right? Anyway, you can purchase them at Walmart!



Thank goodness, these candy canes don't actually taste like crayons. These bright and colorful treats temporarily color your mouth various bright shades. "My granddaughter loved it," raved a reviewer.



Gravy is meant to be a topping for foods such as turkey and mashed potatoes. It's part of a main course and tastes creamy, buttery, and savory. Gravy is not supposed to be made as a dessert or change from a liquid to a solid. We're pretty sure this might just turn people away from the food forever.

Archie McPhee

Mac & Cheese

This candy cane is another creation by Archie McPhee's, but as we've learned, it's not one of its tastiest. Unfortunately, these mac and cheese canes smell like feet and leave an aftertaste that will have you running to the dentist. "The lingering fake-cheese aftertaste made me want to beeline straight for the dentist and beg them to professionally clean my teeth," a Daily Meal editor wrote.

Archie McPhee


According to Giambri's - the brand that makes them - these molasses candy canes taste like brown sugar. However, if you've ever been a curious child, you've probably sneaked a taste of molasses when someone was cooking and gagged. It's not very tasty!



If you're looking to suck on a salty kosher dill but also a piece of candy, Archie McPhee's pickle candy canes have got you covered. They're mildly dill-flavored, and the Daily Meal editor tasked with trying them called their taste "refreshing."

Archie McPhee

Pumpkin Pie

These pumpkin pie candy canes are probably the best transitional ones for fall to winter. They're pumpkin spice-y and cinnamon-y.


Rotisserie Chicken

Honestly, we're mad that someone made a chicken-flavored candy cane. We have a lot of doubt that anyone in life has ever wished for a piece of candy that tastes like the skin of a rotisserie chicken. This putrid flavor idea is from Archie McPhee. It describes the candy as having a smoky, roasted taste, which sounds great for an actual piece of chicken and not for a piece of sugar.

Archie McPhee


This is the perfect gift for someone obsessed with Sriracha, but we can't think of anyone else who would probably casually want to eat one. These candy canes sound more spicy than sweet, and Sriracha always has that undercurrent of garlic - no, thank you!


Sweet Tarts

We're into the idea of a Sweet Tarts-flavored candy cane, because finally it's something candy-inspired. They sound like they would be sweet and tart (like Sweet Tarts), and that sounds absolutely delicious.


If you're one of those brave souls who love wasabi, then this might be the candy for you. But if you aren't, then the burning-hot sensation you feel after trying this could be a decision you regret. However, you won't regret checking out how we rated our favorite holiday cookies this season. 

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